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Pro Pen 510 Battery Pro Pen 510 Battery
TYSON 2.0Pro Pen 510 Battery
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2 colors available

Veil Bar 510 Battery Veil Bar 510 Battery
TYSON 2.0 Grinders TYSON 2.0 Grinders
JAB One Hitter Chillum Pipe TYSON 2.0 Jab One Hitter Pipe
Dynamite Spoon Hand Pipe Tyson 2.0 Dynamite Spoon Pipe
tyson 2.0 uppercut bubbler bong Uppercut Bubbler
Knockout Dab Rig by TYSON 2.0 Knockout Dab Rig
TYSON 2.0 Haymaker Water Pipe beaker bong Haymaker Water Pipe
TYSON 2.0 Red Boxing Glove Hand Pipe - Collaboration with Empire Glassworks Empire Glassworks Collaboration - Red TYSON 2.0 Dry Glass Pipe
TYSON 2.0TYSON 2.0 Boxing Glove Hand-Pipe
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3 colors available

TYSON 2.0 Heavy Punching Bag Bowl Piece Red Red Punching Bag Bowl Piece with black boxing gloves hanging off the back. Made from borosilicate glass by TYSON 2.0 and Empire Glassworks
Red Mike TYSON 2.0 Rolling Tray. Says Undisputed Cannabis and has a pigeon bird weed icon. Rugged Print
White Unidsputed Cannabis Rolling Tray by TYSON 2.0 features a red tyson 2.0 logo, pigeon bird weed logo
TYSON 2.0 Undisputed Cannabis Black Rolling Tray
Pigeon Rolling Tray by TYSON 2.0 - Lightweight Aluminum Tribute to Iron Mike's Tranquil Smoke Sessions, Mike Tyson Rolling Tray with bird on it, Striking Design, Rolled Edges, Affordable and Official TYSON 2.0 Product - Multiple Sizes Available
TYSON 2.0Pigeon Rolling Tray
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3 colors available

TYSON 2.0 Up In Smoke Rolling Tray: Mike Tyson Lounging, Smoking, and Contemplating on Black Background - Premium Cannabis Accessory
Tyson 2.0 Metal Rolling Tray | Lounge Edition – Elevate your rolling experience with this premium creation by Mike Tyson. Crafted with luxurious craftsmanship from lightweight aluminum for the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality. Designed for herb preservation, featuring raised sides and smooth, rolled edges. An artistic tribute to cannabis culture with an iconic portrayal of Mike Tyson. Available in two sizes – small (7" x 5.5") or medium (10.75" x 6.25").
TYSON 2.0 Floating Red Rolling Tray - Premium Aluminum Design for Precision Rolling and Style. No More Herb Spills with Raised Edges, Smooth Surface for Effortless Handling. Affordable and Durable - Knocking Out the Competition. Experience the Power of TYSON 2.0 - Elevate Your Rolling Game!
TYSON 2.0 Pigeon Ashtray in red features a dove-like bird spreading it's wings into a weed leaf array
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Black Bitten Ear Ashtray by TYSON 2.0, features an ear bitten with a chunk missing based on TYSON 2.0 Mike Bites Ashtray