Black Bitten Ear Ashtray by TYSON 2.0, features an ear bitten with a chunk missing based on TYSON 2.0 Mike Bites Ashtray


Bitten Ear Ashtray

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Bitten Ear Ashtray | TYSON 2.0

TYSON 2.0 presents the Bitten Ear ashtray, a playful nod to the infamous moment when Iron Mike took a chunk out of Holyfield's ear in 1997. Its design is also inspired by Tyson's line of cannabis gummies, "Mike Bites". This ashtray packs a powerful punch of design and functionality.

Durable Glass Ashtray

Made from durable glass, this classy tray is the perfect companion for your smoke sessions. The tray looks great whether you're chilling in your living room, unwinding on the porch, or pumping iron in your home gym. Wherever you choose, this ear biting tray ensures your sesh stays neat and stylish.

Four Corner Holes

This Mike Bites Ashtray features four corner holes to cradle your smokes between rounds. The rim is equipped with built-in cigarette rests, catering to joint smokers and those who want a sleek way to empty burned bowls. Convenience meets style in this knockout combination.


Ear Bite Inspiration A playful nod to the infamous moment when Iron Mike took a chunk out of Holyfield's ear in 1997.
Built To Last Crafted from thick glass, this 4.25-inch ashtray boasts durability and classic style.
Convenient Design Featuring built-in cigarette/joint rests on the rim for convenience during smoke sessions.
Unique Pigeon Pot Leaf Decal The design showcases an ear with a chunk missing. Shares design with TYSON 2.0's line of Mike Bites edibles.
Official TYSON 2.0 Product Officially licensed TYSON 2.0 product.