Tyson 2.0 Metal Rolling Tray | Lounge Edition – Elevate your rolling experience with this premium creation by Mike Tyson. Crafted with luxurious craftsmanship from lightweight aluminum for the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality. Designed for herb preservation, featuring raised sides and smooth, rolled edges. An artistic tribute to cannabis culture with an iconic portrayal of Mike Tyson. Available in two sizes – small (7" x 5.5") or medium (10.75" x 6.25").


Lounge Rolling Tray

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Size:Medium (7" x 11.5")

Lounge Rolling Tray | TYSON 2.0

Every champion needs to kick their feet up and chill once in a while. Are you ready to roll into the Lounge with TYSON 2.0? Let's go!

Kickback Like A Champ

Crafted from durable, lightweight aluminum, this rolling tray can last 12 full rounds in the ring. We're the brand's official partner that makes us the undisputed place to buy all things TYSON 2.0.

Sesh Without A Mess

Made for champions, by champions, this tray's raised edges keep your herbs in check, ensuring a clean sesh without any spills.

Accessible Products For All

This rolling tray not only packs a punch in quality but also in affordability. TYSON 2.0 strives to make their accessories easily available for all to enjoy. Truly a knockout deal that leaves the competition counting stars.


Champion's Choice A luxury creation by Mike Tyson for the ultimate rolling experience.
Lightweight Metal Made from lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of carrying.
Crafted for Convenience Made from lightweight aluminum, this tray offers luxury with the perfect blend of sturdiness and portability.
Rolled Edges
Rolled edges add flair and provide a comfortable grip.
Official TYSON  2.0 Product Officially licensed T2.0 Product.
Multiple Size Options Available in medium (10.75" x 6.25") and small (7" x 5.5") for personalized preferences.