Pigeon Rolling Tray by TYSON 2.0 - Lightweight Aluminum Tribute to Iron Mike's Tranquil Smoke Sessions, Mike Tyson Rolling Tray with bird on it, Striking Design, Rolled Edges, Affordable and Official TYSON 2.0 Product - Multiple Sizes Available


Pigeon Rolling Tray

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Size:Small (5" x 7")

Pigeon Rolling Tray by TYSON 2.0

Pigeons were Iron Mike's solace, offering peace and a calming presence. Imagine a rolling tray that echoes this strength and tranquility. Our Pigeon Rolling Tray isn't just a tray; it's a tribute to Iron Mike's unique fascination.

Best Trays In The Game

A rolling session as smooth as a perfectly executed uppercut. TYSON 2.0 promises more than just a basic product. We're commitment to delivering the absolute best in the game.

Tranquil Smoke Sessions

Roll with the spirit of Iron Mike, finding tranquility in every session. Crafted from durable lightweight aluminum, this bird-themed rolling tray is your cornerman in the cannabis ring.

Knocks Out The Competition

The raised edges ensure a clean sesh, preventing herb spills like a seasoned boxer dodging punches. The smooth polished surface? It's your canvas for the art of joint rolling. And let's not forget the affordability – a hook that knocks out the competition.


Unique Inspiration: Commemorate Mike Tyson's profound love for pigeons with a remarkable tribute, celebrating the bird that sparked a legendary journey.
Lightweight Metal Made from lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of carrying.
Striking Design Featuring a pigeon with Tyson's signature, available in three clean colorways: black background with a white pigeon, white background with a red pigeon, and red background with a black pigeon.
Rolled Edges
Rolled edges add flair and provide a comfortable grip.
Tribute to Legacy: A tribute to the celebration of peace, and a nod to the spirit of the pigeon.
Official TYSON 2.0 Product Officially licensed TYSON 2.0 product.
Multiple Size Options Available in medium (10.75" x 6.25") and small (7" x 5.5") for personalized preferences.