TYSON 2.0 Red Boxing Glove Hand Pipe - Collaboration with Empire Glassworks
Empire Glassworks Collaboration - Red TYSON 2.0 Dry Glass Pipe
Signature Edition - TYSON 2.0 Red Glass Pipe with Tyson's Autograph
TYSON 2.0 Hand Pipe Packaging
TYSON 2.0 White and Black Boxing Glove Hand Pipe - Empire Glassworks Collaboration
Empire Glassworks Crafted - TYSON 2.0 Boxing Glove Hand Pipe in Classic Black and White
Black - TYSON 2.0 Boxing Glove Pipe
Distinctive Design - White TYSON 2.0 Name Plate and Gold Signature on Black Glass Pipe


TYSON 2.0 Boxing Glove Hand-Pipe

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TYSON 2.0 Boxing Glove Hand-Pipe

The TYSON 2.0 Boxing Glove Hand-Pipe is a powerhouse creation that packs a punch. Made from a solid pound of thick glass, this pipe is a true knockout masterpiece. Designed in collaboration with the legendary Empire Glassworks.

Built for Champions, By Champions

In epic collaboration with Empire Glassworks, the renowned glass artists for over a decade ensures you're getting a heavyweight glass pipe. Two championship names, one legendary piece made for winners.

The Pipe That Packs A Punch

Feel the weight and heftiness when you hold the TYSON 2.0 Glove Pipe in your palm. This glove pipe is made from a pound of heat-resistant borosilicate glass! TYSON 2.0 settles for nothing less than the best. Ultimately, making this a must-have for glass collectors and casual smokers alike.

The Main Event Of The Sesh

Flexes a beautifully detailed design. From the TYSON nameplate to the Mike Tyson signature, and the wrinkles, this pipe is a conversation starter. Available in multiple color options, including white and black, black and gold, and a rare cadmium red.

Boxed and Packaged

Comes boxed and packaged – perfect for gifting to Tyson fans or for personal enjoyment. The presentation is on par with the pipe itself, leaving a lasting impression as strong as an uppercut from Kid Dynamite.


Champion Collaboration Crafted in collaboration with Mike Tyson and Empire Glassworks
Intricate Details Handcrafted with premium American glass rods, the pipe faithfully recreates the iconic shape of a traditional boxing glove. The Tyson 2.0 logo and Mike Tyson's signature add a touch of authenticity.
Knockout Session This 5.5-inch borosilicate glass hand pipe combines craftsmanship, style, and the mark of a true champ.
Heavy and Powerful With a weight of 1.5lbs and a length of 5.5 inches (13.97cm), this hand pipe is the perfect size for a powerful smoking session.
Tyson 2.0 Seal of Approval Endorsed by Mike Tyson, this hand pipe proudly bears his signature, ensuring you're using a smoking accessory approved by a legend.
Official TYSON 2.0 Product Officially licensed TYSON 2.0 product.
American Craftsmanship Handcrafted in the USA, this hand pipe is made with premium American glass, guaranteeing quality and durability.


  • Length: 5.5" Inches (13.97cm)
  • Weight: 1.5 LBS
  • Glass Type: Borosilicate
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Official TYSON 2.0 Product