TYSON 2.0 Floating Red Rolling Tray - Premium Aluminum Design for Precision Rolling and Style. No More Herb Spills with Raised Edges, Smooth Surface for Effortless Handling. Affordable and Durable - Knocking Out the Competition. Experience the Power of TYSON 2.0 - Elevate Your Rolling Game!


Floating Red Rolling Tray

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Size:Medium (7" x 11.5")

Floating Red Rolling Tray by TYSON 2.0

Want to roll like a champ? Your search ends here with the Mike Tyson-approved rolling tray from TYSON 2.0. Don't settle for the average – TYSON 2.0 delivers knockout products that pack a punch!

Premium Smoke Sessions

Crafted from the toughest and lightweight aluminum, this rolling tray is a heavyweight champion in durability. Just like Iron Mike in the ring, our tray can take a hit and keep on rolling. The Floating Red design adds a touch of boldness, making you the undisputed champion of style while you roll.

Heavyweight Champion Of Rolling

With raised edges that would make a boxing ring jealous, this tray is your cornerman in the fight against herb spills. Keep your material where it belongs – in the tray, not on the mat. Roll with precision, just like executing the perfect combination in the ring.

The polished surface of the tray is smoother than a well-executed jab.Therefore, making it a breeze to scoop and handle your herbs. Glide through your rolling routine with finesse, just like Kid Dynamite's footwork in the ring.

Accessible Smoking Products For All

TYSON 2.0 isn't just about quality, it's about value too. Get premium quality without landing a knockout blow to your wallet.

KBB Products x TYSON 2.0

Known Better Brands partnered with TYSON 2.0 to establish ourselves as the spot for top-notch cannabis gear. Feel the power, embrace the quality – it's TYSON 2.0 or nothing.


Championship-Level Rolling Knockout your rolling prep with the Tyson 2.0 Metal Rolling Tray | Floating Red Edition, created by Mike Tyson for top-tier cannabis enthusiasts.
Lightweight Metal Made from lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of carrying.
Practical Design Red Metal Rolling Tray features raised sides to contain herbs, smooth rolled edges for a sophisticated grip, and an iconic Tyson side profile
Iconic Tyson Tribute Bold side profile of Mike Tyson enjoying smoke on a red background pays homage to his passion for cannabis culture.
Multiple Size Options Available in medium (10.75" x 6.25") and small (7" x 5.5") for personalized preferences.