WOOOOO! Grinder
WOOOOO! Grinder
WOOOOO! Grinder
WOOOOO! Grinder
WOOOOO! Grinder


WOOOOO! Grinder

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WOOOOO! 4 Piece Grinder | RIC FLAIR DRIP

The 4-Piece Grinder from Ric Flair Drip is a combo of efficient grinding and pure swagger! Shout WOOOOO! with every grind, product courtesy of Known Better Brands.

WOOOOO!-Worthy Grinding

This grinder is a force of nature with its sharp teeth crafted from resilient aluminum. The "WOOOOO!" design oozes boldness and flair, capturing Ric Flair's larger-than-life vibe.

Royally Boxed and Packaged

Known Better Brands proudly struts as the official RFD sub-licensee. Feel like a boss with every grind, getting a fluffy, consistent shred. Packaged in a king-worthy box, perfect for gifting or collectors who love the finer things.

Tougher Than a Figure Four Leg-Lock

Crafted from super durable aluminum. This 2.25-inch RIC FLAIR DRIP Grinder won't spill your herbs with its magnetic closure and diamond-shaped cutting teeth, it's a champ in your hands.

Fit for the Nature Boy

Quality worthy of the Nature Boy – plus, a stainless steel sifting screen, kief catcher chamber, and scraper tool. Making your grinding sessions efficient and stylish.


  • Size: 2.25" Inch Wide Diameter
  • Made From Highly Durable Aluminum
  • Strong Magnet Enclosure
  • Easy Grip Body
  • Perfectly Spaced Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Pollen Reservoir
  • Stainless Steel Sifting Screen
  • Self-Locating Threading


 Dimensions Measures 2.25 inches wide, compact and convenient for your smoking needs.
4-Piece Construction: Comprised of four pieces, ensuring a comprehensive grinding experience.
Lightweight Aluminum: Easy to handle with a textured friction ring at the top for a secure grip.
Optimal Shredding: Sharp diamond-shaped teeth on the inside for efficient herb shredding.
Functional Components: Includes a sifting screen and pollen chamber in the base for kief efficiency.
Secure Closure: The first two pieces are magnetically secured, while the lower pieces are connected with a threaded closure, providing stability during use.
Officially Licensed:  Boasts an officially licensed Ric Flair Drip decal, ensuring authenticity and quality.
Perfect Gift:  Boxed and packaged, fit for collectors, gifting, or personal use—a royal addition to your smoking collection.