Pink Boa & Jet Rolling Tray


Pink Boa & Jet Rolling Tray

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Size:Small (5" x 7")

Pink Boa & Jet Rolling Tray | RIC FLAIR DRIP

Switch up your sessions from the same old routine. Time for a burst of Big Ric energy with the Pink Boa Jet Rolling Tray from RIC FLAIR DRIP!

Jet Flyin' Smoke Sesh

Known Better Brands is proudly the official licensee of this RFD accessory. This Jet-edition rolling tray pays homage to the iconic Nature Boy himself.

Easy and Clean Rolling Station

Handle your herb with ease with raised edges. The tray expertly contains all your loose herbs, preventing any material from falling out. The rolled edges not just look clean but also give you a comfy grip, making every rolling session super easy.

Retro Nature Boy Design

The retro pink and purple colored design will fly you straight to Space Mountain. This tray stars the Nature Boy, rocking his pink boa and confidently posing with a matching pink jet. Hang it on your wall; let it take center stage in all things awesome.

Bid farewell to the ordinary and say hello to the extraordinary. This tray isn't just for smokers; it's for those craving the charisma of a true champion.

KBB Products | The Official Licensee of RFD

Known Better Brands proudly holds the official license for all things RIC FLAIR DRIP accessories. We're on a mission to inject maximum flair into your smoke sessions, offering the greatest and coolest gear on the market. Choose from multiple size options – a compact 5"x7" or a larger-than-life 7"x11.5".


Stylin' Profilin' Design Feel Nature Boy's Drip with Pink Boa & Jet Edition.
Lightweight Metal Made from lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of carrying.
Functional Design Raised edges expertly contain herbs, ensuring not a flake goes to waste.
Rolled Edges
Rolled edges add flair and provide a comfortable grip.
Pink Boa & Jet Edition Roll up in confidence, channeling Ric Flair's daring persona.
Official Ric Flair Drip Product Officially licensed RFD Product.
Multiple Size Options Available in medium (10.75" x 6.25") and small (7" x 5.5") for personalized preferences.