Champ Rolling Tray – Ric Flair Drip. Nature Boy charisma, exclusively from Known Better Brands. Enhance your sesh with Big Ric Energy! Official RFD Product with multiple size options.


Champ Rolling Tray

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Size:Small (5" x 7")

Champ Rolling Tray by RIC FLAIR DRIP

Fed up with messing around with those thin paper sheets, attempting to roll like an ordinary Joe? The Champ Rolling Tray by RIC FLAIR DRIP is here to make you roll like a true champion!

Roll With The Champ

Known Better Brands is bringing you the swagger of the one and only Ric Flair, and we're the official licensees of RFD products. This isn't your average rolling tray either! Rocking a vibrant yellow design that screams style and flair, with the legend himself, Ric Flair, gracing the faceplate. We're bringing the Nature Boy to your sessions!

Championship Experience

But it's not just about the looks. This Ric Flair Drip rolling tray has a smooth surface and raised edges, making it a breeze to scoop up your material. If you're on a mission to create your own joy and feel the greatness of the Nature Boy, this tray is your golden ticket.

KBB Products | The Official Licensee of RFD

Known Better Brands proudly presents the Ric Flair Drip collection of smoking accessories, and this Ric Flair Rolling Tray is a crown jewel.


Confident Design Feel Nature Boy's confidence with Champ Edition.
Lightweight Metal Made from lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of carrying.
Functional Design Raised edges expertly contain herbs, ensuring not a flake goes to waste.
Rolled Edges
Rolled edges add flair and provide a comfortable grip.
Champ Edition Roll up in confidence, channeling Ric Flair's daring persona.
Official Ric Flair Drip Product Officially licensed RFD Product.
Multiple Size Options Available in medium (10.75" x 6.25") and small (7" x 5.5") for personalized preferences.