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Logo Hit 4 Piece Grinder RIC FLAIR DRIP

The Logo Hit 4 Piece Grinder by Ric Flair Drip is the world champion of grinding. Brought to you by Known Better Brands.

Grind Like The Man!

Certainly not your mother's spice grinder! This is a 4-chamber powerhouse with teeth sharper than a Nature Boy promo and a body tougher than a steel cage. Just feast your eyes on that green RIC FLAIR DRIP logo smack-dab on the cap.

Regally Boxed and Packaged

Known Better Brands is struttin' with pride as the official licensee of RFD's line of accessories. This grinder will have you feeling like a boss with every grind, delivering a fluffy and consistent shred. Packaged in a box fit for a king, it's perfect for gift wrapping or for collectors who appreciate the finer things in life.

Stronger Than A Figure Four Leg-Lock

Crafted from highly durable aluminum, this Ric Flair Grinder measures at a convenient 2.25-inch diameter. It keeps your herbs from spilling with its magnetic closure and features diamond-shaped cutting teeth.

This grinder is precision and quality, worthy of the Nature Boy's name. Also, the sifting screen, pollen catch chamber, and scraper tool? That's just the icing on the cake.


  • Size: 50mm / 2.25" Inch Diameter
  • Made From High Durable Aluminum
  • Strong Magnet Enclosure
  • Easy Grip Body
  • Perfectly Spaced Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Pollen Reservoir
  • Stainless Steel Sifting Screen
  • Self-Locating Threading


 Dimensions Measures 2.25 inches wide, compact and convenient for your smoking needs.
4-Piece Construction: Comprised of four pieces, ensuring a comprehensive grinding experience.
Lightweight Aluminum: Easy to handle with a textured friction ring at the top for a secure grip.
Optimal Shredding: Sharp diamond-shaped teeth on the inside for efficient herb shredding.
Functional Components: Includes a sifting screen and pollen chamber in the base for kief efficiency.
Secure Closure: The first two pieces are magnetically secured, while the lower pieces are connected with a threaded closure, providing stability during use.
Officially Licensed:  Boasts an officially licensed Ric Flair Drip decal, ensuring authenticity and quality.
Perfect Gift:  Boxed and packaged, fit for collectors, gifting, or personal use—a royal addition to your smoking collection.