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Pink Boa Ash Tray

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Pink Boa Ashtray | RIC FLAIR DRIP

WOOOOO! It's showtime! We present you the Pink Boa Ash Tray from RIC FLAIR DRIP. The perfect blend of nostalgia and swagger in the smoking game, courtesy of Known Better Brands.

Steal the show with the Kiss-Stealin' Ashtray!

Kickback like a champ and feel the glory of clinching the title belt of smoking. This ain't just any ashtray; it's a symbol of flair, a toast to the good life.

Figure-Four Corners

A perfect 4" diameter, fitting flawlessly in your workspace or wherever you drop your elbows for a smoke. Four holes in each corner to conveniently rest whatever you like in there.

One simply can't overlook the bada** retro design! The design showcases Ric Flair, standing tall and rocking his iconic boa, right on the faceplate.

KBB Products | The Official Licensee of RFD

Known Better Brands proudly presents this Ric Flair ashtray – the official licensee of RFD accessories. Leave the ordinary behind, embrace the swagger, and let every puff be a victory lap.


Legendary Inspiration: Channel the charisma of the iconic wrestler Ric Flair, a two-time Hall of Famer, with this exclusive glass ashtray.
Captivating Design: Adorned with the legendary pink robes from the Slamboree event in 1997, featuring sequined laurel flowers and a matching pink feather boa, this ashtray captures Ric Flair's larger-than-life presence.
Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted from thick, durable glass, symbolizing the tenacity that made Ric Flair a force in the wrestling world.
Thoughtful Design: Built-in cigarette rests on the rim for convenience and practicality during smoking sessions.
Ample Size: With a diameter of 4.25 inches (10.79cm), this ashtray provides ample space for containing ashes, making it a classic choice for discerning smoking enthusiasts.
Officially Licensed: Proudly showcases an officially licensed Ric Flair Drip decal, ensuring authenticity and capturing the essence of the wrestling legend's showmanship.
Collectible Piece: A must-have for enthusiasts seeking the finest in style and quality – a collectible tribute to a icon.