Ric Flair Drip Champ Ash Tray by Known Better Brands - Stylish and Vibrant Yellow Smoking Accessory featuring the World Champion Himself - Perfect 4" Diameter with 4 Corner Holes for Your Smoking Pleasure - Official RFD Licensee - Elevate Your Lifestyle with Flair


Champ Ashtray

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Champ Ashtray | RIC FLAIR DRIP

Welcome to the main event! Behold The Champ Ash Tray by RIC FLAIR DRIP - a blend of class and style in the smoking world. Brought to you by Known Better Brands, where we embrace the rule-breaking lifestyle!

The Champ Is Here!

Are you ready to smoke with sophistication and spark up like a true champion? The Champ Ashtray is here to make you feel like you just clinched the title belt. This isn't just a yellow ashtray; it's a symbol of flair, and a toast to the good life.

Create Your Own Joy

Picture this: you, with this Ric Flair Ashtray on your desk or armrest, ready to unwind and create your own joy. With a perfect 4" diameter, it's a flawless fit for your workspace or wherever you decide to drop your elbows and enjoy a smoke. Four holes on each corner – because, like the Nature Boy himself, this tray knows how to handle the competition.

Chill Like A Champion

You simply can't ignore the design either. A vibrant yellow body featuring the image of the World Champion, Ric Flair, right on the faceplate.

KBB Products | The Official Licensee of RFD

Known Better Brands proudly presents The Champ Ash Tray by RIC FLAIR DRIP – the official licensee of RFD accessories. Leave the ordinary behind, embrace the swagger, and let every puff be a victory lap. 


Legendary Inspiration: Channel the charisma of the iconic wrestler Ric Flair, a two-time Hall of Famer, with this exclusive glass ashtray.
Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted from thick, durable glass, symbolizing the tenacity that made Ric Flair a force in the wrestling world.
Thoughtful Design: Built-in cigarette rests on the rim for convenience and practicality during smoking sessions.
Ample Size: With a diameter of 4.25 inches (10.79cm), this ashtray provides ample space for containing ashes, making it a classic choice for discerning smoking enthusiasts.
Officially Licensed: Proudly showcases an officially licensed Ric Flair Drip decal, ensuring authenticity and capturing the essence of the wrestling legend's showmanship.
Collectible Piece: A must-have for enthusiasts seeking the finest in style and quality – a collectible tribute to a icon.